Friday, July 26, 2013

Hitch-hiking Queenstown!

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What I will take away from Queenstown when I leave in September is how friendly this place is. The main example I can give is my hitch-hiking escapades. Arriving in NZ I wouldn't of dreamt of hitch-hiking. It just not the English thing to do. I love England, but that is just not what we do, at least where I are from. Its not really safe for one, and appears a little bit cheeky, why should someone give me a lift? However, that doesn't seem to be the attitude over here. I often hitch hike up the mountain, and its such a nice way to meet people. I am met by smiles, and get so much helpful information on where to go in New Zealand, or where to visit in Australia! I have met people from all over the world! Its so nice that someone will go out of their way to help a stranger out. I arrived back in Queenstown today after finishing my shift up the mountain, and I realised what I had really enjoyed about my day was meeting the lovely people who were willing to go out of there way to help me out! Me and my boyfriend were once walking along the road from Queenstown to Arthur's Point (completely underestimating the distance we would have to walk), and a lovely old man pulled over and told us he was heading to Arthur's Point, and would we like a lift. On arriving in Arthur's Point he told us some of the history of the bridge over the river. Its so nice to learn about the town from local people. I am buying a car in the next couple of weeks, and plan on making sure I help out other hitch hikers. I will really miss this wonderful and friendly part of the world!

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