Sunday, August 11, 2013


I LOVE New Zealand, and I would love to live here forever if my family and friends could join me. However, there are some quintessentially English things I really miss!

1. Our countryside. New Zealand is pretty damn beautiful itself, but I think being an English girl I will always love the English Countryside more. Its so green!

2. The English sense of humour! I really miss our sense of humour, I need some more sarcasm and self-deprecation back in my life.

3. Shopping! I have never appreciated how much choice, and what great style we have in England.

4. Trains. I love the simpler way of life here in NZ, and not needing to get to different places fast. But growing up in England you are used to convenience, and sometimes when planning a trip everything would be a lot easier if you could jump on a train.

5. English Architecture. I miss our old historic building, which make our country really unique!

6. Queueing! This is something I particularly missed in SE Asia! English people love to queue, and we cannot stand it when people don't respect the queue. This is a daily occurrence when queuing to do the jumps on Coronet Peak, or The Remarks, where people are constantly butting in. If it was England an orderly queue would be made.

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