Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flying through the air

Today I did a SKYDIVE! I managed to win this in a bar, which was pretty awesome, and saved me about $350. We headed to Wanaka from Queenstown and spent the morning sitting in the sun by the lake. Its the middle of winter here, but we are in NZ where it is a crime to not spend most of the day outdoors!

Surprisingly I was pretty relaxed and managed to stay pretty calm right up until getting on the plane! My instructor, a crazy french guy, found himself hilarious, telling me how he had never done this before, and how he didn't understand how the harness worked ..... incredibly comforting! After what seemed a quick briefing we were up in the air, and I was the first going out of the plane! There was little time to freak out or look down before we were flying through the air, and it really did seem like we were flying not falling! Surrounded by snow-covered mountains and two beautiful lakes I tried to take it all in whilst hurtling at 200km/ph! When landing my first thought was, I want to do it again, but higher!!!

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